Fencing Time Support

If you have a question about how to operate Fencing Time, please refer to the User's Guide before contacting Fencing Time support. If you have a question about setting up a Fencing Time server or any component of the Fencing Time server system, please refer to the Server System Guide.

To contact support for more information, or to report bugs or problems, please email:

Lost Your License Key?

If you purchased one or more Fencing Time licenses but lost the email with your license key(s), you can have it re-sent to your email address.

To lookup your license(s), provide either your name or email address below. Your license(s) will be sent to the email address on file.

If you do not get the email within one hour, please check your spam folder for an email titled "Fencing Time License Keys" before contacting us.

Licensee Name:
Email Address: