Fencing Time Features

The features listed below are just a small sampling of Fencing Time's capabilities. For a thorough list of Fencing Time's features, download the User's Guide

Choose the Fencing Time version that best fits your tournament management needs.

Trial Version

Standard Version
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Server Version
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Intended environment for use Organizations that run single-event tournaments with 16 or fewer fencers Organizations that run medium-size tournaments with one or more events Organizations that run large tournaments with many events
Complies with USFA and FIE rules (FIE homologated)
Operate and use rules specific to multiple fencing federations
Store all tournament data on a centralized Fencing Time server
Use any number of computers to manage the tournament simultaneously
Connect to a Fencing Time server to run events
Connect to a Fencing Time server to check-in fencers
Publish live results to www.fencingtimelive.com or your own website in real-time
Display tournament information (seedings, strip assignments, DE tableaus, etc.) on remote monitors at the venue
One screen only

Supports operation in English (US), English (UK), French, Spanish, Polish, and Chinese
Run team and individual events Individual events only
Clubs, fencers, and referees are stored in a permanent database
Update fencer membership information with data from the USFA website at the click of a button
Import fencer rankings for use in seeding
Seed fencers based on numerous criteria - classifications, point rankings, or a combination of the two
Track referee usage throughout your tournament
Use standard or user-created event formats - run pools, DEs, etc. in any order you wish Pools to DE only
Run pool and direct elimination rounds
Run repechage and all-places-fenced rounds
Use a barcode scanner to quickly locate pools and DE bouts for score entry
Automatically assign strips and referees to pools and DE bouts
Compute earned classifications and qualifications
Easy integration with the USA Fencing event registration system
Seamless integration with AskFRED.net
Import data from CSV files
Import fencer, referee, and ranking data from XML files
Export results in multiple formats (CSV, text, HTML, XLS)
Create tournaments from XML files
Run USFA qualifier events and generate results for the USFA
Interface with networked scoring machines (Favero FA-07, Allstar FMA-21, Absolute World Series and Escrime Technologies WSG-31) for real-time exchange of score data
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